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British Gas Landlord Packages

September 01, 2015

British Gas Landlord Packages are they a good idea...?

One of the most common claims in the household insurance industry result from escape of water. Especially over the winter period, a good working boiler can prevent this from happening. If you have be proactive enough to take out any of the British Gas Landlord Packages we could give you a substantial discount on the buildings insurance.

Rigsby Landlord Insurance is looking for Landlords who really care about their investment and when a Landlord purchases one of the British Gas Landlord Packages this demonstrates to us that the landlord is interested in minimising damage that could have easily been avoided through proper care and maintenance.

So if you a proactive and good landlord, get in touch with Rigsby Landlord Insurance and see how we can save you a fortune on Buildings and contents insurance. Call us on 0845 475 3456, or email or get a full quote and buy on line at

It should be noted we don’t have any partnership with British Gas Landlord Packages we do think they are a good idea though.

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