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DSS Landlord Insurance

May 12, 2016

Many insurance companies will not provide cover for DSS tenants as they are considered to be too risky and they aren’t always financially able to pay their rent.

As a landlord you may not be able to receive your rent directly from the council although this is what used to happen a few years ago, now tenants are solely responsible for paying their rent.

We can provide landlord insurance that is perfectly suited to DSS tenants, this would include:

  • Loss of rent - We cover loss of rent following damage to the buildings following an insured peril it also covers alternative accommodation.
  • Trace and access cover  - This includes getting to the source of a water or gas leak in your home and repairing any damage.
  • Cover for subsidence damage - If your property moves on its foundations due to expanding and contracting clay soil.

When you’re applying for landlord insurance it’s important to choose a contract where your policy does not get invalidated due to the type of tenant you allow to let your property.

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