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Malicious Damage by Tenants

June 29, 2016

Unfortunately it’s become all too common for rented properties to be the subject of deliberate and malicious damage caused by either the tenant or vandals. Malicious damage includes any damage to your buy-to-let property that was not an accident. It is one of the most common insurance claims made by landlords.

Properties which are let to students are often targets for malicious damage, this is due to the property often being left unoccupied for weeks when they go home for term breaks. Occasionally malicious damage by tenants occurs and this is can sometimes happen towards the end of the lease and if things between the tenant and landlord end badly. This can result in a vandalised and damaged property including to the walls, doors, units etc.

Malicious damage is not always covered as standard or will be charged a very high excess, because of this many landlords are missing out and are not protected against malicious damage.

However, our landlord insurance covers malicious damages caused by both unlawful people on the premises as well as that caused by tenants.

     We will pay the cost of repairing and damage caused to the structure of the property, kitchen and bathroom units.

     £250 excess.

Our priority is to get your property back to its original state, before any damage was made so that you can begin to rent your property out again.

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